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Jul 29, 2016

felo de se

bright before the end we could sense
the mass extinguishing of flame
we broke down and ate ourselves
yes just like that
he said ‘i believe am rich’ and
peeled off his face
the catabolism is civilized while feral
the ability to soothe and arouse
wild his thought
appeared to have burst
outward from within
no need to exchange
opinion a virus
doesn’t wait on blame
or diagnostics
‘what a phenomena of passion’ i observed
‘quite the opposite’ he began to chew
‘look the live wire the news feed everyone
is caving’ with a mouth full he plead
and before i bit his line
i thought of the time he graveled close
and said,
‘i never want to fuck the same way twice
that would be the end’
(didn’t we once thrive on having modes,
models, needs? silly really
we know of what we are
or maybe that was some other guy i couldn’t
remember so i dug a little into my thigh
measuring for his feel
my own excitement
the only measure of constraint
i was layers of decadence
hung from every living
bone the irony made everything taste
better me than him.
he sighed, 'you are so unaffected' and
offered me my own hand.

posted upon request, now as a preemptive note for donald trump.


  1. The Trump Thing does look like some grand act of self harm. One hopes we're not watching the first lines of America's suicide note; we all go down with you.

    no need to exchange
    opinion a virus
    doesn’t wait on blame
    or diagnostics

    Bloody good poem

  2. Yes, tough work V, bone and blood, such difficult media.

    WB, for me drumpf is only the second worse threatener of the planet we now have to offer, talking of the grand self harm project that's in preparation.. for everybody else.