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Mar 27, 2012

Nth Week in Rehab - Alex Pruteanu

I’ll tell you this.
the last time I burned rock in the glass dick
they found me in a Santa suit walking up and down Military Trail
throwing bags of shit at cars and reciting Kierkegaard outloud.
I woke up in the drunk tank
in Hallandale Beach Florida
next to a Cuban tranny
who was urinating in my hair entertaining the other men.
Over here
the addiction you have
is replaced with the addiction to God.
The Twelve Steps.
A higher power.
I don’t know what’s worse
living in the suburbs paying bills and clocking in and out of a state job
mowing your lawn every Friday
taking the kids and wife to the mall
snapping family portraits and sending them to grandma
or putting in a 12-hour shift on the kill floor of an abattoir
taking hits of whiskey during breaks
and smoking meth at happy hour.

(“oh how men suffer for children.”)


  1. I once had a friend who smoked a lot of everything. Who drank a lot too and would tell me stories of losing himself in National Forests for days on end talking to the deer, out-of-body experiences on tops of mountains and touring the coast with his bicycle. Then he found God at an AA meeting. Tant pis alors. We can't really... talk anymore.

  2. One Kool-Aid replaces another Kool-Aid

  3. man, i drank way too much god kool-aid as a kid. i swear i'll never touch the stuff again.

  4. Mowing your wife and kids every Friday, taking the lawn to the mall, understanding that God is a glass dick, sharing the kool-aid with the deer... this is the world, we can do these things or not do them.

    And then we are gone. And nothing will be remembered.

    1. isn't fuck all supposed to feel more free?
      just like the before i won't know the after.

  5. It gets harder and harder to tell the before from the after, g.
    Fuck all is free.

    1. must be consequence that costs.

  6. ...but of course you're right about this.

    Age this wandering
    though a museum
    of consequence
    and fortune
    takes responsibility
    for nothing
    that happens along the way.

  7. God may be IN a glass dick. Some people find Him in there. To others He appears on toast. In water stains on walls of overpasses. And then He gets sold on ebay. I like TC's little poem up there.