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Jun 18, 2012

BongisBard Shares: Short Lean Cuts - Alex M. Pruteanu

I've followed Alex M. Pruteanu for a couple years now? Alex consistently bangs out bits of short flash that immediately rip and plunk the reader into another mindset, another scene. He writes the common line of the too self aware: being the banality of both hope and despair. Capturing such inversion isn't an easy feat in writing. To break it down and bleed it out is an entirely brittle process and Alex has mastered such constructive nihilism with "Short Lean Cuts".

"It has nothing to do with altruism, this record I'm leaving here. Nothing has anything to do with unselfish regard or devotion to others. the key to salvation is how much attention you get. You realize that if there'd been a low turnout at the crucifixion, they'd have rescheduled. You realize that if Jesus Christ had died in a hole, or some shit prison with no witnesses or no one there to mourn or torture Him, we wouldn't be saved."

See, that's the kind of mind blow i read for. Exactly that.

And funny, of course. One should always lol while reading a man who's 'breaking down'.
Example - one of my favorite lines (ever):
"I'm too fat for this kind of jihad"
I mean, that should be like america's collective fb status - eternally.

The thing that "Short Lean Cuts" displays so effectively is the one truth people mostly can't stand to recognize. I won't specify, because truth is subjective and there's yer trouble. huh? Whatever no one ever gets it.

I found each chapter to be a standalone layer. I was a little pissed when it ended. I wanted more, it felt abrupt but surely that was the intention. I read it twice and will surely read it again. Yes - it is that entertaining, I partake in no literary circle jerks. It's hard to find something on the internets worth reading more than once.

 “Short Lean Cuts,” available as an e-book at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Paperback is now available from Amazon Publishers.

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