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Jul 30, 2012

This is history! [part three] - Duncan Jones

ego trip, worked in guile and crystals           knitted gristle fuzzing
       the act is born symbols, the weight of what                         to find hidden patterns, the more the object glisters      He won't be touched.         and so, new life myths      long strings of friendship bracelet                              The numbers are lawful and growing                
We need a machine that can smile                        clinging onto each other at the roller disco, more of them symbols blister popping fast                               the doeeyed kid, making tears, says "I have needs".                                     Leaning over the barrier, Napoleon makes his Masonic signs and then laughs in his sleeve              
raise the watchword, a glass in a shaky hand             a liberty whisper from the office floor     carried to no uses on the disinfected air      the devil, whose “works” or “pomps” they were called to renounce (and the rest): who wants him gone?        No spirits left that we may be led       astray    a stray god   a stranger G space D                words could be made with strewed paper petals    discarded ends           Is it really like starting over?
    She rubbed another match against the wall.


  1. This reappearance of Napoleon, in the guise of a liquorish jackanapes, gives pause. What with his day-patience and merit-systems management of that earlier epoch:

    Napoleon believed in a system of merit, faking drinks, building your own systems and workstations a day patient threw all their weapons into the lake.

    We should have known then he was always going to come out this way.

    One does love a historical novel. Even knowing the ending does not take away the suspension of disbelief.

  2. The systems manager at leisure, g-d help us. It's always a good idea to make excuses when the invite for the office party comes around.

    I went to a roller disco as a child at Butlins at Minehead. Not, it must be said, a cheerful experience.

  3. my favorite of the three and mostly due to the last three lines.

  4. I was particularly chuffed with those last three lines myself, G. I'm glad you liked them.

  5. Yes, the harsh scratch of the match against the words strewn gentle as paper petals.

    This collision defines the character. Style a paint kit of choices.