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Feb 25, 2013

All-centuries struggle - Jeremy Marino

The mien of man
is a starving alleyway hound,
the underdog below the moon's false caress,

its tongue lapping for gritty action,
maw quaking with each deafening roar,
ready to pounce from the shadowed concrete pass

and cleave open the full content stomach,
and tear away the warm ropy throat
of the aberrant alpha male,
and lead the pack

"When I'm not thinking about the world at large and the small people forging it, I spend my time tinkering with old electronics. Old electronics for an old soul. Unfortunately, the pulling of other hobbies, such as writing (surprise), thinking about writing a piece and never writing it, learning languages, 3D design, and martial arts spread me out too thin. I hate being a college student, but love learning regardless. I draw inspiration from everything I possibly can, and suggest you do the same, reader. I'm all for making new contacts, acquaintances, and friends. Shoot me an email at I'll talk about anything, really."

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