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May 2, 2013

Snake Meets Dragon in Her California Lair - robert beckvall

Jack had driven to San Diego enough times while working out of Tucson.  This time it felt different.  He had dropped the venom at the lab after the Prescott snake hunt.  He watched the news and looked at the internet and continued to see Dr. Wang working her magic on the world.  He was driving with sweaty palms and a butterfly stomach.  He looked in the rear view mirror and checked his hair.  What the hell was he so nervous about?
He followed the directions his navigation device told and showed him, but he also stopped from time to time on the side of the road or at a truck stop to look at his map.  He combed his hair more than usual for him, and even got caught sniffing his armpits.  What was a business meeting felt suspiciously like a date.  This made him chuckle to himself.  He felt like a jackass.
He made it into town and decided to stop off and pick up some coffee.  He could check his e-mail while he drank it and try to calm himself down before the meeting.  Maybe he should call.  He knew about last second changes in schedules, running one of the largest labs and research facilities in the Southwest.  He would call first to see if she was ready for him.
“Dr. Wang, there is a Dr. Veenum on the line.  He says he has an appointment with you.”
“Thanks, I’ll take that.  Hello Dr. Veenum, it is a pleasure to speak to you.”
“Well, I don’t know which is worse.  There are snakes in New York too, if you know what I mean.”
“Of course, I blocked time out for our meeting.  I was just tweeking the project plans and going over my end of things here.  I keep the main models of the projects here in San Diego.”
“If you are in town, come on over.  I look forward to meeting you Jack.”
She hung up the phone and looked in the mirror in her office.
“Give me about 30 minutes.  I don’t want any phone calls or visitors for the next half an hour.”
She had a nice bathroom and tub in her office.  She ran a bath.  She giggled because she felt like she was getting ready for a date.  She quickly slipped out of her clothes and got into the tub.  She lit an incense and opened the windows to the outside.  She put on her music.  She slipped away for a few precious minutes with a mix of Pat Methany, Pink Martini and The 12 Girls Band.
The sign was not too gaudy.  He thought it might look as ridiculous as the name, Sludge-Bot.  The buildings were simple, plenty of windows and plants and benches to sit on outside.  He pulled in expecting guards and having to show some credentials or ID.  He just found the stalls marked visitors and pulled in.  He looked in the rear-view mirror and grabbed his briefcase and computer.  He checked to see if he had some of the business cards.  He looked in the mirror and smiled.  He took out a piece of gum.
Dr. Wang got dressed and put just a little make-up on.  She owned the factory, and that is sexy enough.  She looked good in her lab coat.  She loved wearing these at the factory and at the clinics.  Black pants, working shoes and a rainbow of different color shirts.  She grabbed a red one for good luck.
Jack came into the main lobby and saw a man and two women sitting behind the large crescent moon shaped reception desk.  There were plants in the lobby and behind this large desk.  The Sludge-Bot logo was behind them on the wall.  There were models of the various machines under glass where people were sitting waiting for their appointments.  He came over to look at these.
Someone was called, and they came out to meet him and let him know that Dr. Wang wanted to escort him personally.  He waited by the glass case and continued to look at the models.
“He is waiting by the model case in the lobby Dr. Wang.”
“Thank you.”
She came out of her office and stood in front of her office manager’s desk.
“Professional as always.”
“I’m nervous.”
“I don’t know and I don’t know if I like it.”
“You look great boss.”
She walked over and held out her hand.  They did a soft hand shake, and she took one of the mints in the candy dish.
“See you soon.  I am going to give him the tour.  I’ll have my phone.”
“Any important calls coming in?”
“If the president calls, I’ll take it.  Otherwise, put the world on hold.”
“Yes mam!”
They smiled at each other and she slowly walked out the door.
“Well, here goes everything.”

published in red fez, blackheart, madswirl, carcinogenic, beatdom and CHA 
born in burbank, died and fly from the fire in Phoenix, swam ashore this island and rescued by Chinese girls 
former newspaper writer, wrote way to two graduate degrees 
read my poetry the same place the gin blossoms played! And no beer bottles met my head, except to drink.

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