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May 14, 2012

This is history! (part one) - Duncan Jones

She is / I am the most beautiful girl in the world. Sink into her dream a lesson for every one. A sleek new team mate becomes more than the brain to do this. Hone your personality for a year or more.                      Stop, she says. Think, she says. Win. 
              We are learning to banish our regrets. When I put my hand in your hand I know I'm safe. As flakes fall like snowing, see her cope with the trials, the increased need of sleep, as they absorb noise of growing up. Clarifying our intentions: my plan for the weekend, hooking up with her arch enemy.                                     Napoleon believed in a system of merit, faking drinks, building your own systems and workstations                              a day patient threw all their weapons into the lake.     atheists everywhere: white finger; a circumflex; exaptation.                 There is nothing to see.           The object just got bigger and bigger and I thought "bloody hell", it isn't in the shape of a wheel or either memory                an occasional cold shower                                         bumps and taps were coming from the other side. Although squirrels can cause fire, this is a cigarette. 
In the name of comfort, I salute the mythic west.

the little wooden boy


  1. Great stuff, held one in tension all the way (though must admit to peaking on Napoleon, who could say no?).

    Thanks to all concerned here at the concern.

  2. Haven't we all peaked on Napoleon one time or another?

  3. Yes, I suppose, and he certainly gives us a convenient leg up toward those relative historical heights by having been so... would diminutive be the word?

    No need for the traditional stepladder to the stars in any case.

  4. 'Bloody hell' indeed. I will put this in my bong and smoke it. Wooden Boy, Wooden Boy.

  5. Glad to be of service, Sack.