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Jan 15, 2013

Tonight (for John Wieners) - Aditya Bahl

     for John Wieners

brain cramps & heart hardened    at last
eyes shot

             in the closet of
 a secret death
  digested pill dialectics

      /   mere description

         to evade life

          and its game show questions

"this burden that no god imposes
 but knows we have the means"
  to bear   to sustain
    to believe
             in a compulsion or fear
   it isnt the question     /     or wonder what
              makes it all
        & the eternity of one per se  is beauty's song

  time's ration ?  or just as 
    need be the sedimentation
             of yr 
      first person demonstrative
      mere underthirst

    a loss seldom utterly allayed

    it is how the stars are made
    in another world 

Aditya Bahl was born and brought up in the mountain state of Himachal Pradesh (India). Apart from Bard is Bong bits and pieces of his work have appeared or are forthcoming in places as diverse as Bones, Bottle Rockets, Modern Haiku, Otoliths, Lilliput Review, The Boston Literary Review and the others


  1. the burden
    that no god imposes but knows we have the means...

    John Wieners: The Acts of Youth: from Ace of Pentacles, 1964.

    That's pretty authentic suffering I reckon. But dead people's pain comes cheap these days, just toss it in the microwave.

    You can find the poem under the rubric "Poems of Mental Illness" at that site funded by the vast pharmaceutical fortune.

    V, would you paste your favourite Elise Cowen lines into a poem, sign it as yours and then go on not dying?

  2. fixed tom. sorry for not catching prior.

  3. ..It is not me I mean who has appropriated his drug driven poetry or persona but it is poem in response to him as poet and a human being. It is his shot at immortalityThat I refer to. His pain and his burden. Some of the lines are by Wieners and I have used them as mere allusions. I dont see any need to explicitly quotethem. It is not wn act of irrevernce for me. Allusion instead of appropriation .. He sd somewhere he wanted to become a poet for the immortality art provided..A lot of it has been written using cut and paste.. some more Wieners lines in there tooI wldnt think one needs to quote thm.